casino chips

Since February of 2012, I have been collecting casino chips from around the world. I’ve been playing poker for close to 10 years. Besides the thrill of the game itself, I’ve always loved the accoutrements. When I started hosting small home games, I spent a lot of time looking at different chips online and ordering samples. I wanted ones that not only looked good, but had the right feel to them. While I would have loved a set of clay chips, I ended up with Nevada Jacks. Years later, I acquired a lot of vintage Las Vegas postcards. They came with a few obsolete casino chips. Something clicked. I started collecting chips, especially from Binion’s Horseshoe Club, where the World Series of Poker got its start.

The next month, on a business trip to Paris, I noticed a vase full of casino chips in the window of a nearby antique store. This got me started interested in European chips, also called jetons. I have also added Monte Carlo to the list of areas I collect from, as well as Atlantic City, where I used to go while growing up, and Connecticut, where I mostly play now.

Las Vegas chips

Atlantic City chips

France jetons & plaques

Monte Carlo jetons & plaques

Connecticut chips

mother of pearl

Other chips

I am a member (R-8406) of the Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club.
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