why sharona rides

I’ve never biked more than a few miles at once before in my life. In fact, excepting the past few months, I haven’t been able to bike at all, or even walk or sit comfortably. As part of physical therapy to get rid of a chronic hip injury, I had to bike for 10 minutes. That seemed difficult at the time.

A year ago, Jeremy started training for the Northeast AIDSRide, 350 miles from New York to Boston. He was biking 160+ miles every weekend, and through his Ride, and the courageous people (including those who were HIV positive) he rode with, I saw him experience one of the most moving events of his life.

After finishing the Northeast AIDSRide, Jeremy bought me a road bike for my birthday. He saw the good that the physical therapy bike was doing, and he really wanted to share this part of his life with me. So, reluctantly, I started to ride.

My first ride was the longest 6 miles of my life. Every weekend after that, Jer and I added a few more miles to our route. Eventually, the cold set in, and so did this crazy idea that maybe we could bike 575 miles to raise money to rise to a much bigger challenge.

Like everyone, I take my life here in the United States for granted. I know that if I get sick, chances are likely that western medicine will make me well. However, most of the world does not have that advantage. My ride is dedicated to those who cannot afford western medicine; those that need a vaccine.